Interior Design Services

Welcome to The Sweetwood Collection Design. 

We offer full interior design services in the Northern Virginia area. We love delivering special Bee-spoke designs to our clients. We specialize in incorporating pieces of furniture, art and accessories into the clients design as well as using timeless pieces from our clients collections, many of whom are well traveled and have collected these pieces over time. 


 A consultation is a 2-hour working meeting—Denise Eckert or Stephanie Freitas (our senior designers) provide on-site advice, answers any questions you have about the house—interior or exterior. During that time, you will work together to develop a scope of work that outlines suggestions for you to act on following the consultation. The Consultation Summary, outlining the scope of work and suggestions is yours at the summation of the consultation. 

During the consultation it’s possible to review:

  • Necessary updates to rooms or furniture
  • Color suggestions
  • Furniture placement
  • Window treatments or other design questions
  • Appropriate sources in the city


 Every design project that The Sweetwood Collection accepts begins with an on site 2-hour working meeting. 

During the consultation it’s important to review the scope of work. Our Designers can answer your design questions as you work through the house room by room. They will use these answers to create a scope of work which will launch the project effectively.

 Contact us if you would like to set up an appointment or have a chat!