“What’s Your Blessing?”

 One of our FAVORITE jewelry designers is having a campaign! A mission to inspire!  Let's all help her and send her your personal Blessing in Disguise Story!

You are a true inspiration. Yes, YOU!

Somewhere along the way, you have impressed, motivated, encouraged, influenced, and personally humbled me by your friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our company is launching a new campaign called “What’s Your Blessing?”.
And I would be grateful for your help.

The mission of this campaign is to inspire.  Our intention is to spread optimism to others through storytelling. I am reaching out to ask: would you please be willing to share your personal Blessing In Disguise story?

Our company, as well as our brand, are founded on these four principles:

  • Everyone has a story.

  • Struggles make us stronger.

  • Inspiring others is a gift.

  • Blessings should be counted.
We are fascinated how successful people like you, are faced with life’s unexpected challenges, yet insist that their journey was a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Talk about uplifting!

You are remarkable to both me and the entire Blessings staff. So thank you in advance for sharing your personal story with us. We know your words will resonate, inspire, and help many.

With great admiration,

Melissa Rovner
Founder and Brand Evangelist




  1. Feel free to tell your BLESSING IN DISGUISE story how ever you see fit.
    There are no rules. Whatever best reflects your unique perspective is the goal.

  2. You may hand write, email, or illustrate your story.
    We ask that you please provide this to us by June 15th, 2017.

    Blessings In Disguise
    174 Watercolor Way #103-260 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

    Email: studio@blessings-in-disguise.com

  3. How would you prefer your name to be published, and with what title? (Vice President, Mr. Mom, Superstar, Musician, Chef, Magician, etc.)

  4. If possible, please include a photograph of yourself.

  5. 5)  Consider the following in your response

    The primary thing that motivates me through life’s challenges is: _____________ .
    My "Blessing In Disguise" has taught me ________________________________ .
    The best advice I’ve ever received was __________________________________ .
    I consider my greatest Blessing to be ___________________________________ .
    A quote I choose to live by is __________________________________________ .

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